1. LABOUR AGAINST THE WAR unequivocally condemns the terrorist outrages in the US on 11th September 2001 as a violation of human rights and an attack on working people of many races.
  2. LABOUR AGAINST THE WAR believes that military action in response to the events of 11th September 2001 will neither eradicate the threat of terrorism nor create a stable international framework in which the rule of law will be observed. UK support for such wars is not in our name.
  3. LABOUR AGAINST THE WAR calls on the British government to pursue non-military solutions to the War on Terrorism including diplomatic and political initiatives, to bring the alleged perpetrators of terrorism to justice - including state terrorists who act in violation of international law - and bring real humanitarian aid to the people of the world.
  4. LABOUR AGAINST THE WAR is totally opposed to any war on Iraq and any wars of military adventurism.
  5. LABOUR AGAINST THE WAR opposes any clampdown on civil liberties and asylum seekers on the pretext that this is required by the current situation and will stand up for civil rights in an open, democratic society.  We shall oppose racist scapegoating of the Muslim community.
  6. LABOUR AGAINST THE WAR will work within the Labour Party and Trade Union movement to promote these aims throughout the labour movement, stating our case to the wider public and supporting the Stop the War Coalition in a determined quest for justice, not vengeance.


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